The Amazing Expanding Band

The Amazing Expanding Band

Tools of the trade.  

Tools of the trade.  

An ever elusive 6th member has been speculated for years by fans and band members alike. Now's the time to put said rumors to waste with the inclusion of WOLVERTON FELIX! 

Sorry, I got ahead of myself... Although WF  (Wolverton Felix) has been in the band's hearts and minds since the early days, he will not be returning to the fold until his Tibetan sabbatical has been completed and he has solved all of the mysteries of the universe. We do, however, have a very special guest joining the group. 

Enter the Keyboardist. 

Diver has always flirted with using keyboards and other instruments in our recording and live shows. Recently Gary (Lead guitars) has doubled down on getting proficient with the keys, and as a result some of our newest songs have lots of supporting keyboards. 

Gary was able to pull off switching between the two instruments for a show and practices, but as its become a more integral part of our writing process, it gets harder and harder for him to pull double duty. So we have enlisted the help of JT's (singer) friend Zach. 

Zach will be practicing, recording, and hopefully playing live with us after the LP drops. I asked Zach a couple of questions for the site. 

Me: "Zach, can I ask you for a quick bio for the website?" 

Zach: "Yeah, that's cool. I've been playing piano for 14 years, I grew up near Tampa, Florida, spent 6 years in the Army and now I'm studying clinical laboratory sciences at MSU. My musical influences are Radiohead, King Crimson, and Muse. Anything else you need?"

Me: "Dick pics?"

Zach: "$50" 

This makes Zach officially the most expensive dick pic in the band. This better be good. Join me in welcoming Zach to the group!



Diver LP Preview

So this is happening... Look for a release sometime!